Face the ChildrenPhilippine Frontline Ministries, Inc.

Myrna - Special Education - Batocabe

Date of birth - July 9, 2003

Years at FTC - 11 years

Myrna - Special Education - Batocabe

Myrna is a beautiful child with special needs. She is partially deaf, has a speech impediment, and suffers from a learning disability. We have taken her for a Pediatric Development Assessment, and a hearing test. The doctor believes, due to the nature of her hearing loss, that she may likely lose her hearing entirely over the next 15 years. Having just learned this, we are eager to help prepare her for life ahead. We have located a school in our city that specializes in helping children with learning disabilities, with teachers specially trained in the Philippines and Singapore. We believe Myrna must learn sign language now; a tool she will be able to use throughout life even if she retains some of her hearing.This is a special sponsorship that would cover Myrna's Special Educational costs, including transportation and a caretaker, who will help her continually improve in her overall development & education.

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