Face the ChildrenPhilippine Frontline Ministries, Inc.

Angelita Andac

Date of birth - July 27, 1992

Years at FTC - 11 years

Angelita Andac

She has been diagnosed with Cerebral palsy, and also being mentally slow. Angi is mostly crippled in both legs, and has limited use of her hands. For many years when she was just a small child, all she did was beg for alms in the city marketplace, along with her brothers and sisters. When Frontline missionaries noticed her, they began helping Angie by carrying her to the FTC Daycare Center where street kids were being  fed and ministered to each day. At first Angie's mother did not allow her to go back, and preferred she remain on the streets to collect money. Eventually Social Services escalated the case, and the FTC staff were allowed to rescue Angie from a dangerous and abusive situation, and Angie was brought to the FTC care center permanently. Though limited mentally due to her particular disease, Angie is happy because she has been helped in so many ways. She attended a special needs school for more than 3 years, and is now being taught to read and write through FTC staff.

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