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Can I communicate with the child I have made a Pledge to?

Yes. You can email them, but all communication is monitored by FTC management.


How can you make sure our payment is secure?

Our online donation transaction is a secure SSL encrypted payment using Stripe payment processor with the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.


Can I update my card number using your website

Yes. You can change it on your account settings. Login to your donor console


Will I receive personal updates from FTC and the child I pledge to on a regular basis?

Yes, you will receive regular updates about the progress and developments of our program. Additionally, from time to time you will receive communications directly from the child you sponsor.

Can I make a pledge to more than one FTC Child?

Yes. We welcome your pledges to as many children as possible!

Can I make a Partner Pledge for the entire monthly care of a child in the FTC program?

Yes. But the full-care sponsorship of a child in our program is limited to $200 monthly. Therefore, if a child has current sponsorship pledges, the website will allow only the remaining balance necessary for full-care coverage.

How much does an FTC Child Partner Pledge Cost?

You can partner with us by sponsoring a child for as little as $20 monthly. You can also select higher sponsorship amounts if the child has remaining full-care needs. Please see the options presented for a selected child on the sponsorship page.

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