Face the ChildrenPhilippine Frontline Ministries, Inc.

Zharmine Par

Date of birth - September 29, 1997

Years at FTC - 11 years

Zharmine Par

My name is Zharmine.  I have been at Face the Children for many  years.  I enjoy playing with the other kids, especially volleyball, sleeping and listening to music. I attending school ate the Frontline Christian Academy.  Before, I was not a Christian and I was sad and always crying because of bad things that happened in my life.  But one day, thanks to the Frontline missionaries, my sister and I were able to come to FTC.  It is good that I have come here.  I love the times when we can go swimming and things like that. I am becoming better at reading my Bible and I am also journaling. Sometimes we are fighting and sometimes I feel lonely, but I would like to say thank you for all that I have.  I will do my best to finish my studies. 

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