Face the ChildrenPhilippine Frontline Ministries, Inc.

Glenda Imperial

Date of birth - February 26, 1999

Years at FTC - 6 years

Glenda Imperial

My name is Glenda.I came to Face the Children in 2012.I enjoy playing badminton, volleyball, and reading the Bible. I'm attending school at the Frontline Christian Academy. My mother works abroad, and so I was left to live with my aunt. But I was unhappy there because my cousin was always angry with me, and I didn't know why. Eventually, my aunt brought me to FTC. It is good here because I have met a lot of new friends and they always make me happy. Before, I was bad. I would disobey those older than me and I didn't know God. Now I know how to obey those who are taking care of me, and I'm learning about God and I have stopped saying bad words. 

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